The planned nationwide lockdown requires everyone to get involved in this massive effort to keep our country safe.

ASHTECH recognises the importance of acting swiftly and responsibly to limit the spread of the virus. Our team will be working from home and the necessary communication infrastructure is in place to ensure that system support is maintained.

We are using video conferencing as an alternative to face-to-face team and client meetings. Our team will for the foreseeable future strictly limit client contact until such time as the situation is deemed to be under control. With that in mind, ASHTECH wants to reassure our partners and customers that we are implementing processes to not only protect you but also ensure on-going business continuity.

Please use the following number (083 326 6676) if you need to contact our support team.

Putting you in control

An advanced mobile solution managing field worker (e.g. sales reps, merchandisers, sales technicians, retail managers, franchise area managers, etc.) tasks.

Compliance made simple

An end to end mobile solution for food safety compliance management across the value chain.

Enabling sales force teams to sell more and ensure compliance at shelves.
Ensuring that stores adhere to standard operation procedures
Ensuring that tasks are performed optimally during site visits
Managing food safety compliance across the value chain
Ensuring traceability from farm to fork
Ensuring health & safety standards
Mobile Application Development
Mobilising processes for operational efficiencies.
Operational Business Intelligence (BI)
Extending enterprise data on mobile devices.
Ensuring that systems talk to each other.

Started first version in 2005

Redeveloped android version in 2010 for smartphones and tablets

Started iOS journey beginning of 2013...coming soon