Mobilizing processes for operational effiencies
Extending enterprise data on mobile devices
Ensuring that systems talk to each other
Provide management of complete solution
Maximizing productivity on mobile devices
Ensuring minimal downtime
Concentrate on what you do best

Allows you to focus
on the business
while we manage the solution.

Integration is a critical success factor for mobile implementations. Many companies have abandoned their mobile projects because of failed integration efforts. This often happens when the complexity of integration is underestimated or too little time allocated to it.

In 2004 we were part of an ERP team responsible for architecting and deploying an integration solution for a retail group. We also provide integration services for vendors of a major retailer who is busy rolling out e-tailing to its vendors.

Our core product, iIntegrate, integrates seamlessly with PASTEL, ACCPAC & SAGE. We are continuously ensuring that our products integrate with most packages in the market as well as bespoke systems. We have extensive DB knowledge and have worked on most databases e.g. DB2 and SQL Server.

We have the necessary integration skills to ensure that your mobile solution integrates seamlessly with our products as well as assist with your general integration needs.

Provides information -
anytime, anywhere it's needed.