Mobilizing processes for operational effiencies
Extending enterprise data on mobile devices
Ensuring that systems talk to each other
Provide management of complete solution
Maximizing productivity on mobile devices
Ensuring minimal downtime
Concentrate on what you do best

Allows you to focus
on the business
while we manage the solution.

Mobile BI (business intelligence) is all about extending enterprise data onto mobile devices, e.g. smartphones and tablets.

Most companies share sales targets and operational scores by way of PDF or spreadsheets. Although these mediums may work, most fieldworkers find them time consuming and difficult to read on mobile devices.

Our Mobile BI solution addresses these issues in a way that makes it easy for the fieldworker to interact with i.e. the user interface needs to be slick and perform well, but it must address the business process at hand.

We believe it is all about providing the mobile workforce with the necessary information that will improve their decision making whilst completing their daily tasks, as well as assisting with strategy.

Contact us if you need assistance with extending your enterprise data onto mobile devices.

Provides information -
anytime, anywhere it's needed.